Hi, I'm Nikita

I like programming, AI, and video games.
In all combinations.

My dad introduced me to programming at a very young age. He taught me how to print messages to the console using Python, and I was immediately captivated. Python remains my favorite language, but I've also delved into Java, C++, and JS/TS, as well as various frameworks.

I discovered Scrap Mechanic (the game) at the age of 12, and ever since then I have been hooked. As of writing this, I've spent over 1900 hours playing the game. In the M-Tech Discord server, I collaborate on ambitious Scrap Mechanic projects and strive to make valuable contributions.

I'm currently exploring web development and gradually gaining proficiency in HTML and CSS (although as you can probably tell from this page, I'm still learning).


GnomeQuest: Odysseey

Some of my friends and I made a pretty cool game about GNOMES!

The Lion's Roar

I am the co-developer of my school's internal news site, along with Maxime Tschopp.

Gomoku AI

I designed a Gomoku (5-in-a-row) AI that you can play against.

Infinite Website

I use GPT-3.5 to generate any page you go on.

Scrap Mechanic Computer

A 16-bit computer in Scrap Mechanic.